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Adeeba is the Marketing and Administrative Assistant at The Zoghlin Group. Her marketing skills come from her experience as a successful blogger where she writes about fashion and travel. She is passionate about social networking, social media and marketing. She is self-taught in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Microsoft office and has enjoyed contributing these skills to the high-tech, law firm systems at The Zoghlin Group.

Adeeba is also currently studying medicine to become a doctor. She speaks five languages and loves to travel. She comes from a family of eight and was born in Jowzjan, a northern province of Afghanistan bordering Turkmenistan. In 1998 when a contingent of 8,000 Taliban troops passed through and attacked Jowzjan, Adeeba’s family was forced to leave their home, jobs, schools, belongings, and most of their memories behind. They migrated to neighboring countries for safety from the war that ravaged their nation until they came to America where Adeeba attended Brighton High School and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.