About Us

The Zoghlin Group was formed in 2016 by Mindy L. Zoghlin, Esq., who, after nearly thirty years of practicing law, decided to build her own firm with a legal team focused on the areas of law where they most enjoy working and are best able to contribute.  Since its founding, The Zoghlin Group has successfully grown to a team of six attorneys, an office manager, a litigation legal assistant, a land use and energy legal assistant, and an administrative assistant. 

The Zoghlin Group uses a team approach and specially tailored legal case management techniques to assign the most capable team member to each task and provide efficient, client-focused legal services.  While certain legal issues recur with some frequency in our cases, we realize that each matter is unique, and each client has their own needs, interests, and values.  Our team members are dedicated to our firm’s practice areas, and we work hard to best use our skills and experience for each client.